Music for a Good Cause

G58s806Recently I chose to dedicate a portion of my spare time to help charities in need through musical performances offered to up and coming music artists with very pleasing results.

The interest which was expressed proved to be substantial with many having dreamed of a live audience or stage performance. The concept was simple: if there was a willingness to perform for a good cause, then I would get behind them (admittedly with a bias towards helping animal organisations).

If I were to give any advice for applicants, it would be to ensure professionalism while at the same time grasp a solid understanding of the criteria. I wish it had been otherwise for many respondents and I do hope that they come across the opportunity again. Just a few of many examples are illustrated below:

Bad enquiries:



Slightly more acceptable:



And lastly, a very cute reply:


I hope to offer my assistance again in the future because South Africa has so much undiscovered musical talent which can be creatively leveraged to benefit everyone involved.

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