The Brilliance of Node.js with AngularJS

UI (User Interface) as well as UX (User Experience) formed the foundation of my first real world development experience and will always remain a passion of mine.

An earlier Music for a Goodangularjs-logo Cause post detailed my interest to promote publicity for local musicians with the added benefit to aid animals who need help.

I dedicate effort for this noble cause when able, which has lead to a number of notably positive experiences with AngularJS.

Node.js has always fascinated me and I find it increasingly impressive the more I work with it. Thanks to amazing technology like this, we can help work towards a project so that animals like this little guy can be all smiles again.

Consider an example which involves a music trackbar. A trackbar was displayed for each track and this proved to not only be resource inefficient but also displeasing in appearance:

Separate Trackbars:


Unified Trackbar:



Changes to the play button styling aside, the only necessary adjustment was to create an additional card which contains the trackbar. I didn’t even need a second cup of coffee since only two lines of code were needed to be inserted.

Have a safe and wonderful Festive Season ahead with a great New Year everyone! See you next year.

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